“Let your LIGHT so shine Bright…” Matthew 5:16 (KJV)


Our Mission

After countless volunteer hours with various Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Youth training programs, and fitness gyms throughout the nation, watching the existence of gaping holes in fundamentals of fitness, sports, and athletics, G3 decided to enter the field of athletics and personal training to make a difference. We decided to help fill those gaps by addressing the athletic development deficit in private and public schools and gym training as it pertains to the fundamentals of mechanics in speed, power, and quickness in a positive, edifying, and balanced environment centered on Christ. 

Developing Elite Athletes

G3 has currently worked with and helped develop over 70 athletes become members of top D1 University Athletic programs such as The University of Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, UNT, Baylor, San Diego State, and many others, ranging in sports from football and baseball to soccer and track. That’s just the beginning. Our athletes major in Pre-Med, Real Estate, Engineering, Business Management, and other demanding fields, while remaining committed athletes. Come join our journey and find out for yourself the TRUTH in the DIFFERENCE! 

Our Difference

We are a ministry. Similar to Jesus’s mandate to His disciples to go out and spread the gospel, we spread the knowledge and truth of proper training and nutrition. G3 educates while instructing you.

 – Example: Though you can lift 200lbs when you squat, if a director instructs you to do squats without the weight (aka BW (Body Weight)), they will ask you to watch the movement of your knee as you squat slowly and draw your attention to the internal rotation of the knee(s) and notify you that a muscle in your glute, hip, or quad is not firing correctly, and explain why. As a result when you are training alone or watching your kids during their athletic practices or games, you will be able to identify, for self, some things that need attention and how to correct them when G3 is no longer your direct leader. It also aids in more fluid communication between coaches, medical therapists, athletes, and parents.